Motoscape Banger Rally – 10 years of organising banger rallies.

Cheap Gumball rally

Who hasn’t heard of the Gumball rally and who wouldn’t want to drive a supercar through Europe. The trouble is you have to be genuinely rich to take part, so what’s the next best thing, a European rally where you end up driving some cheap cars instead. Just as much fun and definitely more of a challenge!

Motoscape banger rally is now 10 years old

It doesn’t seem like 10 years ago since we started out on our first banger rally, but ever since that very first rally, we are always asked the same question. ‘What made you start organising banger rallies’? The simple answer is this; ‘we went on one’. We had a fantastic time, met some great people and experienced fantastic camaraderie. The event itself however, was poorly organised. So with this in mind we thought, why don’t we organise a road trip around Europe ourselves. Ten years later and we’re still going strong.

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