Motoscape Rally Day7: Salzburg to Prague

Friday morning was the last day for the remaining teams on Motoscape Rally 2016 and a departure from Salzburg to drive back through Austria in to the Czech Republic to the historical city of Prague.

En-route there were plenty of options for culture and sightseeing:

Prawn Star Ballas, Don’t Worry be Happy and Off to see the Wizard took the option to visit the ‘Eagles nest’ at Berchtesgaden, Germany. This is a rooftop bunker built as a tea house for Adolf Hitler and is a popular tourist spot. Continue reading

Motoscape Rally 2016 Day 6: Venice to Salzburg

Thursday morning we bid farewell to Venice Motoscapers and also passed well wishes to Dudley and Josh from Viking Warriors who decided they could not push on to Prague as unfortunately their funds had run too low. Everyone admires the hard work and commitment they both have for fundraising for their various charities and we wish them luck on their return to Torbay to carry on.

Each year we have Motoscapers raising money for various charities and many on the Venice trip were, well done all and please keep us posted on how much you raised once back in the UK. Continue reading

Motoscape Rally 2016 Day 5: Trento to Venice

Wednesday morning briefing started with team Fury Road’s announcement that Richard had proposed marriage to Samantha whilst drone filming on a mountain pass and she said Yes! What a creative couple these two are, earlier in the week they won Banger of the Year with their Mad Max themed car and costumes. The Motoscape team presented a bottle of fizz to the newly engaged couple and on behalf of all Motoscapers on Rally 2016, we wish them all the very best and a happy future together. Continue reading

Motoscape Rally 2016:Day 4 Garmisch to Trento

Tuesday morning the weather started off a bit dismal but there was reason to be happy as team Don’t worry be Happy rejoined the rally late Monday night after their mega journey back to the UK to collect a car that worked. What’s more, they came up with a great limerick as part of the challenge:

Two middle aged men and a kid
bought a shit Saab for a few quid
They spent thousands of pounds
so they good drive it like clowns
but it ended up dying on the grid Continue reading

Motoscape Rally 2016: Day 3 Koblenz to Garmisch

Monday morning some Motoscapers were keen to get on the road early from Koblenz to Garmisch Partenkirchen as this is the longest driving day covering around 340 miles. Castles were the theme, as those doing the challenges went on a picture matching hunt and those not were still able to enjoy the views of German castles whilst driving alongside the picturesque river Rhine. Continue reading