Motoscape Rally 2017 – Day 1 St Omer

Well what a start to Motoscape 2017! As the teams started to arrive during Saturday afternoon, we had brilliant sunshine: sun creams, shorts and sunglasses all required, but then from nowhere a dark cloud, rumble of thunder and torrential downpour of rain arrived. Did we say torrential? Yes we did and yes it was!! The Motoscape Organisers, Peter, Anna & Kevin with the help from some of the teams, grabbed everything from outside and dashed under cover but alas we were already drenched! Motoscapers looked wistfully on to the car park and their Banger and Classic cars – hoping no decoration was washed off or ruined! The rain bounced for quite a while, and Peter announced this was the first time in 12 years this had ever happened! Continue reading