Motoscape Rally – Road Trip Bologna 2011 Winners

Well that’s it! The 2011 Motoscape Rally, “Road Trip to Bologna” has come to an end! And I’m sure you all want to know who’s won?

Well we won’t keep you waiting, congratulations… on a joint first place finish for Wrong Gear and Tribu Dei Chihuahua! This is the first time 2 teams have tied in first place overall on one of our rallies, so the 1st and 2nd place prizes of £800 & £300 were combined then split between the teams, meaning £550 each, well done guys.

Also well done to 3 Birds in a Banger do Top Gun, they finished 3rd and walk away with £100!

Final Bologna Top 10:

1st Place (Joint): Tribu Dei Chihuahua!
1st Place (Joint): Wrong Gear
3rd Place: 3 Birds in a Banger do Top Gun
4th Place: More Than Just a Hard Shell
5th Place: Cupid Stunts
6th Place: Bottom Gear
7th Place: Team Paddy
8th Place: Team Webb
9th Place: GP Racers (Car 2)
10th Place: Diplomatic Immunity

Well done to all the teams!!!

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