Motoscape Rally 2023

Hello All,

Its been a while since writing the blogs, we shall start them again.

Anyways, there is approx. 8 weeks to go for the 2023 Rally to start. While we are busy making sure everything is in order, getting a bunch of stuff printed and thinking of some new fun challenged to be had, I’ve noticed this years teams preparations are also well under way. From Audi convertibles, Mini coopers, VW Beetle’s. It really does feel like its going to be an amazing Rally.

We really cannot wait to get to our start line in Saint Omer.

In addition we have some repeat offenders, The Tweenies on Tour from 2023 are back as Jungle Rockers, David from Team WCA is back with his wife as “We’ve got 3 legs” and not forgetting The Jolly Buoys, Mark and David are back on it again.. probably the team to watch out for..! however saying that also some of the nicest fellers you’ll meet.

What’s changed in 2023..?
Well Day 1 is no longer about brining in your bits of paper and have it validated. We can do that all online before hand, teams will be sent a registration link and asked to fill out a form before they arrive, so this frees up the some time. So then we have more time to get to know you better, check out your cars, hear the stories behind them.

More details on the format coming shortly…

There will be the usual housekeeping things to go through, but also a welcome speech from Jin & Reeshi. We have Anil our helper back again this year, plus a dedicated Camera Man to capture all the fun stuff that goes on…

More updates coming soon.