Day 6 – Rimini to Bled

After the big final night for the Rimini entrants, the teams gathered at 7.45am for the morning meeting, with quite a few sore heads. One of the Rimini guys even fell asleep on the toilet, he must have had a good night!

As the weather was so hot, many of the Prague teams decided to spend the morning chilling on the beach and swimming in the warm Adriatic Sea as a farewell to the Rimini guys and gals. Everyone had a great giggle as they relaxed after 5 days of awesome driving!

We also need to give a quick mention to Amy, Oliver & Kevin from the “Lean Green Maxi Machine” who came up with a clever twist on their banger, which was to record a diary of each of the days events on the car! What a great idea Guys! Check out their photos below:

The journey from Rimini to Bled is around 325 miles, with more hairpin bends as you reach Slovenia! There’s a few things you can see on route, and the “Moonraker” boys even went to Venice to find St michaels Square was flooded, come on boys what do you expect in Venice! Ross and Ross from the “R & R” team visited the famous caves at in Bled and had an interesting time seeing those magnificent Stalactites and Stalagmites.

You’ll also be wondering who was yesterdays challenge winner? Well you will have to wait until  tomorrow as this will be announced at the final nights presentation tomorrow!

Once you reach Bled the first thing most teams do is visit the lake (or the pub for a some of the teams). Lake Bled is one the of most beautiful areas in Slovenia and highly recommended. It’s really something where we need to let the photos do the talking (we’ve even thrown in a few of the teams funny pics!).

The teams had a relaxed evening last night getting ready for the final night in Prague tomorrow. A few sampled the local Slovenian food, with a few Slovenian beers, while others went to the famous Bled Chinese Restaurant, which went down well!

Tomorrow we head to Prague, which needs no introduction and all the remaining entrants are excited for a great day on the road and night in Prague. Find out how we got on tomorrow!

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