Motoscape 2012 – Day 4 – Feldkirch to Lake Iseo

Another early morning briefing was quite a struggle for some teams who stayed up partying in Feldkirch, but everyone made it to find out what was in store for the day ahead. Today was the day we put the cars to the test on the magnificent Stelvio Pass! If you’ve viewed our website and seen previous blogs and pics, you know this needs no introduction. It’s one of the greatest driving experiences you can encounter. It really puts the bangers to the test, stick around to see which cars survived and which didn’t!

Today we were driving from Feldkirch to Lake Iseo in Italy which is around 220 miles. Last year the sun was shining on top of the Stelvio, but this year there was snow! We hadn’t seen anything like this in September before, but the teams seemed to enjoy making snowmen! As you came down the Pass though the Italian sun was shining bright!

It was an extremely eventful day, with some teams spending ages having fun on the Stelvio and various other mountain passes around the area including the Mortirolo Pass also in Italy.

We got so many amazing photos from all the teams, spectacular scenic pics and some hilarious photos in front of the sign and with some special props that show what the Motoscape Banger Rally spirit is all about. There’s a lot of pics to look at so we’ve included them all together at the very bottom of this blog.

On to the challenges and it was a fantastic effort from the teams today. Congratulations to International Sheriffs Department (Prague) and Little Britain (Venice). Both teams took home the daily prizes of £75 each due to their excellent funny photos! Well done teams, a fantastic effort, we definitely enjoyed your pics!

On the car side of things, the Stelvio deemed too much for some beloved bangers. Art of Cooking got half way up the Stelvio, but then their clutch pedal had come loose. Luckily it was fixed by a local mechanic and they could carry on.

Team Last Man Standing also had trouble getting all the way up, they didn’t quite make it all the way but they got the car going again and made it to the hotel in one piece, there’s always next year to have a go at it!

The Red Dragons had a gear stick problem and they drove all the way up the Stelvio in first gear! The car was looking in bad shape but they had a helping hand from team Shaken Not Stirred who had a boot full of parts and eventually sorted it out so they could get going again!

The final car problem of the day was from Team Stretton who’s VW Polo is now beyond repair and had to be towed away. They did manage to complete the Stelvio but that was the cars last breath. Luckily the Lightening Mcqueen Boys were on hand to give them a lift to the hotel, and they will get their hire car today.

The rest of the cars are still doing really well though so it’s not all bad news!

Onto the evening and we arrived in the town of beautiful town of Lake Iseo. Many of the teams enjoyed a quieter night so that they could recharge after the first 3 days and the long day on the passes. Others headed into the town to sample the Italian Cuisine and local wine and beers or just to take in the scenic views of the amazing lake.

Tomorrow we head to Venice, which is the end of the trip for the teams on the 5 day route. They are all looking forward to the complimentary meal and presentations, followed by some celebratory drinks! Find out how we got on tomorrow!

Next stop, Noventa di Piave (Italy) via Venice

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