Motoscape Rally 2014: Day 1, St Omer

Well, as usual, the first day of the Motoscape Rally was an absolute blast! Some amazing bangers and incredible fancy dress outfits. Most of the teams were in high spirits and looking forward to a fun packed week! Registration opened at noon and as more entrants and their masterpieces entered the car park, there was a great party atmosphere. Everyone mingled and shared stories of how they created the wacky bangers. We can sense a very competitive group of people this year which will certainly make for an interesting week.

One team arrived with a truly innovative theme. The Icescreamers rocked up in their pimped out ice cream van, playing music to get the party going and raising money for their chosen charity with a range of ice cream treats from the on board freezer! Everyone was having a great time, although there were some dodgy tunes coming from the DJ booth!

Each year the most talked about subject on the first day is who will win the coveted title of Banger of the Year! Just like last year, the cars were so impressive 1st place was a tie! Take a look at the winners below along with their photographs…

1st Place: Ladlords – Honda Shuttle, Pub Car!
1st Place: Wooton ‘Babes’ – Honda Accord, Pram Car
2nd Place: Icescreamers – Ford Transit, Ice Cream Van
3rd Place: Who’s Your Caddy – Volvo V70, Golf Course Car

A special mention must go to the following teams who’s bangers were also great and just missed out on a top 3 finish, these are: Fore, Krazy G Superstars & Torquay Fore (All golf themed cars), the first time we have had a golf style banger and 4 come at once, a great effort but Who’s Your Caddy just pipped you to 3rd place; Bunsen & Beaker (Vauxhall Frontera), brilliant Muppets costumes; Apollo 13 (Vauxhall Zafira), looks like it is straight from NASA; West Lothian College (Peugot 406), a starship enterprise with great neon lights; JAGTechnic (Jaguar XJ6), exquisite vinyl wrap; Tommy Tankers (Volvo 580), fantastic theme and fancy dress; The Hucknalls (Volvo 480), a car dedicated to Mick Hucknall, amazing!; I’m not a chauffeur but I’ll drive you crazy (Ford CMAX), impressive Alice in Wonderland theme and costumes; Suffolk Mafia (Ford Granada Limousine) – always good to see a limo on the rally!

All in all a fantastic effort by every single team! When you see these fantastically designed creations rock up on the first day, it just makes all the preparation in the 51 weeks leading up to the start of the rally, well worth while.

Take a look at all of the 2014 Motoscapers and their bangers below:

Surprisingly, we had no car trouble on the first day, WOO HOO! Although that may be different tomorrow when the cars have been on the Nurburgring! Fingers crossed all the bangers stay in tiptop condition!

At 6pm in the evening all the teams gathered for the introductory briefing and the official start of the rally. During the briefing, we had a few special shout outs to do. First of all, we have our first ever Motoscape Stag! Congratulations to James Silk from team Minter Munter, he got a couple of special gifts from the Motoscape team (see the pics below) and I’m sure this week will definitely be a stag do to remember! Well done on getting a pass from the missis for a week away!

We’ve had many people in the past take part in the rally more than once, however this year we had some teams coming for their 3rd consecutive year and 4th consecutive years. In honour of this, we had some Motoscape Veterans T-Shirts made for John and Robert from West Lothian College, Geoff from B-Team and Stephen from Mothertruckers. Congratulations guys, it’s great to see you back year after year, we hope this year will be even better for you all!

After the Motoscape team had gone over the rally do’s and don’ts (remember, everything you need to know is in your pack!!!), people headed for the town square in St Omer to enjoy some French cuisine and then meet in the Queen Vic for a few drinks. It was a great night enabling the teams to get to know each other and even try to explain the concept of a banger rally to the locals! A brilliant start to what will be the road trip of a lifetime!

Day 2 see’s the teams head to, Koblenz in Germany (via the Nurburgring), tune in tomorrow to see what happens next!

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