Motoscape 2013: Rally Summary

WOW! The 2013 Motoscape Rally draws to end, and what a success it was! It’s been an amazing journey for all the teams who took part, and amazingly the majority of the cars, by hook or by crook, made it to the end. What a fantastic achievement, well done to everyone who took part!!

We had a great bunch of people from all over the UK and from all walks of life. There were builders, mechanics, teachers and scientists to name but a few and everyone enjoyed an action packed week.

summary2013aOur congratulations and also commiserations go out to Daniel, Ryan and Matthew (The Cunning Stunts) from Bingley in West Yorkshire. They managed to win the coveted title of best banger, jointly with the ‘Back to the Future’ themed VW Scirroco of Jon and Laura, but then had their tank themed Ford Galaxy seized by the German police on day 2. However the Guys will probably look back and laugh at the events that took place. The tank themed car has made them famous or should it be infamous, appearing in both the local and national press. Hopefully our complimentary entrance for 2014 will help with soften the disappointment from this year!

summary2013bWe regularly point out the Motoscape Rally is for all ages so whether you’re 18 or 80, male or female, a couple or even an accompanied child, everyone is welcome. Although not eighty, Jack and Colin of the ‘Tittleshall Troupers’, both in their 70’s, had a blast on this years rally and raised lots of money for ‘The Rainbow Trust’, well-done guys!

summary2013cDown at the opposite end we had the brother and sister team, ‘Rav4 Renegades’ containing Oliver and his 19-year-old sister Jessica who were the youngest participants this year. Despite a few hiccups with the Toyota RAV4 they still managed to get to the end of the rally and they were still taking to each other.

summary2013dWales was well represented again this year with six Welsh teams, ‘Three massive heads’,  ‘Anglesey County Sheriffs Dept, ‘Dan Paul’, ‘Top Bier”, Tribute to Wills’ and last but not least ‘The Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllsantysiliogogogoch Ford Club’ containing John, here for a 2nd year running, and his father Alwyn who had never travelled outside of the UK before. What a great first experience for him.

summary2013eWales have however just been pipped by Scotland who had seven teams including ‘West Lothian College’, here again for another year, ‘Tartan Thistle’, “DR Rally’, ‘Molehill mob’, ‘Scuderia Feretti’, ‘Three Amigos’ and last but not least ‘Tour De Flags’ containing Steve and Eric who being from Aberdeen travelled the furthest to get to the start.

summary2013fA mention must also go to Myles and Mark who made up our sole team from Northern Ireland, ‘Blues brothers with a hint of pink’. They may not have travelled the furthest but it meant two ferry crossings just to get to the start.

We also had a couple of all girls teams, Nancy, Hazel and summary2013gHelen of ‘Venice bound birds’ and Cathy and Anne-Marie of ‘Double silver’. Come on ladies, tell your friends, “we need more females teams”!!

The rally is a great trip for couples to experience a different kind of holiday! There was a great contingent of couples, on the rally with Andrew and Michelle summary2013hfrom ‘Yellow Peril’, Jon and Laura from ‘Banger to the Future’, Geoff and Ditta from ‘The B Team’, both here for a second year, Lawrence and Emma from ‘Carmotives’, David and Ann from ‘D’yathinkesaurus Rex’ who were travelling with their two sons Phil and Aaron in the appropriately named ‘D’yathinkesaurus’, Paul and Joanne from ‘Burbage Boozers’ who were travelling with Roy and Kathleen from ‘Werneth Walleys’, Geoff and Pauline were with us for 3rd time and its always a pleasure to welcome them both.

summary2013iIan and Hilary from ‘Team Bulldog’, Linda and Richard from ‘Tartan Thistle’ and last but not least, Hilary and Nick from the ‘Hazardous Wasters’.

We’d also like to give a mention to Stephen from Rebel Alliance who was also here for a 3rd year along with his co-pilot, Ben. Hopefully we’ll see you again next year Stephen!!

So this year really was a rally for all and we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part, you genuinely made it the best rally so far! We hope to see you on a future Motoscape Rally.

Don’t forget, registration is now open for Motoscape 2014! You can register by visiting the link below!

Also, don’t forget to watch this video from A Bear Attacking You With Only a Sausage is Still Terrifying! The guys have made a great time lapse video to show their journey on the rally, check it out below!

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