Motoscape Rally 2018 – Day 2 Koblenz

Motoscapers arrived in Koblenz after a long day driving, enjoyed a drink in the hotel bar, exchanged stories and submitted their challenges to us.  Meanwhile the lovely German hotelier Helga, in her typical ultra organised fashion booked taxis for Motoscapers going to the Winnigen Wine festival. 

The Nurburgring was on the bucket list for many teams. Some took the opportunity of being driven round the track at breakneck speed in a Ring Taxi.
Team Scrumptious – Dudley & Matt had an exhilarating blast, being driven round in an MG, still buzzing from their experience for the rest of the evening.
Anchorman – Robert & Andrew chose a BMW whilst their friends Gary and Ian from team ‘Dear o Dear Incorporated’ watched and filmed their experience.
Team TWAIN – Petrolheads Paul & Simon, not wanting to risk taking their Alpha Spyder, also chose a BMW which left them smiling from ear to ear.
M&M Fusion – Mark & Majula were the third team to opt to go out in a BMW and Majula reported it was an ‘out of this world experience’ that Mark has introduced her to! She loved the thrill of the fast ride round the ring and it was a very new and exciting experience for her.

There was no shortage of teams taking their own vehicles around the track:
Scooby Ecosse – Our youngest Motoscaper, 10 year old Lilli, was driven round by her Dad and Uncle Derek in the Scoobymobile!  Lilli enjoyed every minute and has a great story to relate to her school friends!
Wonda to Venice – Adrian and his sons Luke and James weren’t happy with just the one lap, they had to have one each, competitive or what! 
Teams Plumley & Co and 3 Welshmen and their dog also took their cars for a spin

Many teams shared the experience as spectators, to name but a few: The Dadsons, The Clatters, Goldmember, Here We Go, The Good Ol Buoys, My European Romance, Dick Dastardly and Muttley and Dear o Dear Incorporated.
The Miners, Grumpy Grandads on Tour and Mansells Mustdash all discovered a Go-Karting track next to the ring and had a blast racing each other round the circuit, all highly competitive of course! 
As well as an interest in motor racing, we have plenty of Motoscapers into their war history. Luke from International Rescue along with Lewis from Jurassic Prague together with the rest of their teams visited Ypres and also La Coupole the V2 rocket museum.  Bacon Bap Bandits, The Miners, M&M Fusion, Mad McKs 3 and Mansells Mustdash all did likewise.

Team Not Fast, Just Furious visited Bastogne in Belguim for lunch and the war memorial dedicated to the Battle of the Bulge.
Teams Mansells Mustdash, International Rescue and Rio De Cheerios drove the scenic route through the Ardennes Forest. 
Team Plumley & Co took in a tiny corner of Luxembourg to tick off another country and found themselves driving along a very rickety old cobbled street. George with his Aunt Sarah carefully drove their birdwatching themed MG very carefully, in order to avoid any damage to the newly installed radiator.

Teams Dick Dastardly & Muttley and My European Romance had a steady drive and enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the pretty old town of Monschau.
Four Motoscape Teams: Goldmember, Driving Home for Christmas, Comic Interlude and The Safety Car Boys are all friends from back home who enjoy Rally trips together.  They drove through Monschau with Driving Home for Christmas playing Yuletide tunes from their speakers!  Hoping to share some of their spare mince pies with any locals and spread the love, generosity and festive spirit!
Also to enjoy Monschau were the Good Ol Buoys who discovered a classic car rally taking place and veteran Motoscaper, Mark, got some great photos.  
Well done to team Jurassic Prague who made it to Koblenz in one piece in their Jeep which has developed some mechanical problems. Lewis, Steve, Ryan and Aaron were slightly nervous and worried all day as their Jeep chugged along.  Hats off to them for managing to fit in some sightseeing and commiserations to them for not getting back to the hotel on time to submit their challenges.













Challenges Day 2:
Teams had been given pictures of 23 car manufacturers badges and the task was to take pics of the same 23 badges. The Bacon Bap Bandits who were doing the Venice Rally matched 18 pics which meant that they got the 25 points for the day and are in first place on the Venice Rally.
Team Scooby Ecosse who were doing the Prague Rally matched 20 pics which meant that they also got 25 points for the day and are in first place on the Prague Rally. Not only that, as they had the most pics overall they won the £50 daily prize which was collected by Scooby Doo alias Lilli.

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