Motoscape Rally – Day 7 – Sopron to Prague

Suddenly it dawned on everybody that it was the final day of Motoscape 2012. We’re not quite sure where this week has gone, it’s flown by! But the teams had to make it to the final morning briefing (some with sore faces from all the sluggin’) to find out what was in store for the day. As this was the last day of the rally, there were no challenges other than make it to Prague in one piece!

The journey from Sopron to Prague in the Czech Republic is around 245 miles, and most teams took the direct route to get straight to the hotel so they could spend the afternoon in Prague before the evening’s events.

Some teams wanted to visit somewhere different on the way, therefore they took a small detour and crossed over the border back into Austria to experience the 315 sq km Lake Neusiedl. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Austria and also a UNESCO world heritage sight. The lake is surrounded by a reed belt, which gives shelter to a unique variety of birds.

The drive from Hungary to the Czech Republic was a vast change of scenery from the mountain passes we had previously driven through into the rural landscape of the Czech Republic, which is completely different to the other countries we have visited on the rally. To top it all a fitting end to this years rally has to be a night in the world famous city of Prague, what more could you ask for!

Most teams got to the hotel in Prague in plenty of time to check the bar was fully stocked and to get ready for the night ahead and the final meal and presentation by the Motoscape team.

The Motoscape Team put on the meal and presentation in the hotel restaurant where teams got together one last time, had a few beers and found out the overall winners of this years rally before heading for a night out in the beautiful city of Prague.

What a great night for everyone to get together, and well done to The New Recruits for winning the 2012 Motoscape ”Road Trip to Prague”.

After the meal and presentation the teams hit the city to celebrate the end of an amazing experience, and one that many of the teams said they would love to do again next year.

Prague has something for everyone, whether you want to have a relaxing coffee in the old town, or you want to finish the rally with a big blow out at the cities best night clubs, you really can’t find a better place to end our European Road Trip!

We’ve all got some great memories from this years rallies and it’s been an amazing journey. We, the organisers, can honestly say it’s been the most successful year yet, and it’s the entrants and their banger creations that make it so great. We want to keep improving the rally every year so thanks to all the teams for their feedback, everything will be considered and we appreciate you taking the time to help us make it even better for next year.

Overall it’s been an amazing, hard working but enjoyable week, and we just want to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who took part, we hope you all had a fantastic time and hope to see you again next year!

Keep an eye on your inboxes and stay tuned to the website for our announcement of when registration opens for Motoscape 2013! This years Motoscapers get first option on registration!

Thanks everyone!

Paul, Peter and Mark (Top Slugger)!

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