Motoscape 2012 Summary

So the rally is over for another year. It’s been an amazing journey and we’ve all got some great memories. Without hesitation we can honestly say it’s been the most successful year yet, and it’s the entrants and their banger creations that have made it so great!

We had people from all walks of life from roofers, to oilrig workers to teachers and accountants and every one just got on like a house on fire. We had the young 18 year olds on their first jaunt abroad to the mature seasoned travellers now in their retirement years.

There were groups of guys determined to party hard, night after night (forget the challenges they say!!) to those who had planned everything to the finest detail with the intention of winning as many daily and overall prizes as possible. We had those who had turned up without even a map book of Europe to those who brought every conceivable spare you could possibly imagine (even though they had a German or Japanese vehicle which very rarely break down).

The rally is a great trip for couples too to experience a different kind of holiday! There were so many more couples this year on the rally, with Jake and Kelly from ‘Cake and Jelly’, John and Alison from ‘Veronica’s Fondeu’, Adrian and Chantelle from ‘Heaven and Hell’, Michelle and Michael from the ‘M&M’s’, Scott and Natasha from ‘Last stop this town’, Malcolm and Linda from ‘Old’un’, Darren and Emily from ‘Toots & Co’, Malcolm and Kate from ‘Focussed on Prague’ as well as Geoffrey and Ditta from ‘The B Team’.

There was the ‘West Lothian College’ team containing two staff members John and Robert bringing along two of their mechanic students Lewis and Jamie. Once again there were a lot of father and son teams and this year we had ‘Rafa Duchenne’ with three generations from the same family (father, two sons and grandfather) all from Zimbabwe.

Congratulations to this year’s rally winners too! Death Squad for best banger, Rafa Duchenne for winning the Venice Rally and The New Recruits for winning the Prague Rally, well done everyone!

We had three genuine classic cars along for the ride with the Triumph Stag containing Malcolm and Linda, the Triumph Spitfire of Nigel and Thomas plus the good old Union Jack covered Mini belonging to Katie and Leanne-Rose. If there are any potential future all girl teams, come along you will love it, just like the girls in the Mini, so don’t just think about it, book the trip of a lifetime in 2013!

Wales had a massive representation this year with 9 teams, ‘Team Y Cardis’, ‘Cardi Mountain Bikers’, ‘Yr ddraig goch’ (thanks guys for your in-car pub singer duet), ‘To be confirmed’, ‘The Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychw
yrndrobwllsantysiliogogogoch Fiat Club’ (Just glad we didn’t have to pronounce it), ‘Metal Medics’, ‘The Paraletic’s’ and last but not least ‘Little Britain’. Luke, our hats come off to you, (the wheel chair is certainly no barrier to entry) yours was the best fancy dress by far and congratulations guys on winning a daily prize with your hilarious photos!

The boys from Team Jeff also made a great video to show their journey on the rally, check it out below!

So this year really was a rally for all and we just want to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who took part, we hope you all had a fantastic time and hope to see you again in future year!

Don’t forget, registration is now open for Motoscape 2013! You can register by visiting the link below!

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