Welcome to the 2012 Motoscape Rally

A warm welcome to everyone already registered to take part in the 2012 Motoscape Rallies to Venice & Prague.

There are plenty of new and familiar faces registered so far and we are hoping this is going to be the best Motoscape Rally yet!

The Motoscape Team are busy booking hotels for everybody and fine tuning the routes to make the whole experience a genuine “trip of a lifetime” in 2012.

We will be forwarding the welcome packs in the next few weeks so please check your inboxes. The packs will give you lots of information and tips on preparing for the rally.

In the meantime you can join our Facebook page (Click LIKE) and follow us on Twitter to communicate with fellow “Motoscapers” and get the latest news and updates.

The Facebook page currently has 690 fans, this time last year we had around 250 fans, so our aim for 2012 is to get over 1000 Facebook fans. You can help us with this, simply visit our Facebook page below and click the LIKE button, it’s that simple!


We are also pleased to announce that the bookings are up significantly on this time last year and so anybody not already registered please book early. Once the rallies are full, we cannot accept more teams! There are currently 36 teams registered meaning there’s just 24 places left on the rally with our busiest months for bookings approaching!


And remember, any all-girl teams out there can still get a discounted entrance fee of £125 per team (for 2 girls) + £35 per additional female team member. Simply quote “GIRL2012” in the promotional code area on our registration form.

If you have any queries or want advice, drop us an email or give us a call on 0113 282 3181, and we hope to see you at the start line!

Day 7 – Bled to Prague

After a relaxing night in the beautiful town of Bled (Slovenia), the teams were up bright and early for the drive to Prague (Czech Republic). This was the last day of the 2010 Motoscape Rally, so all the teams were checking their cars and the routes to ensure there would be no delays getting to Prague for the presentation, meal and big night out in Prague.

The journey from Bled to Prague is around 400 miles, so most teams took the direct route, however the organisers took the time to visit Český Krumlov. This is probably one of the best mediaeval cities in central Europe and was made a ‘Unesco world heritage site’ in 1992.

The drive from Slovenia to the Czech Republic varies from the amazing scenery, as you start the journey with the awe-inspiring mountain landscape in Bled, to the rural landscape of the Czech Republic, which is completely different to the other countries we have visited on the rally. To top it all a fitting end to this years rally has to be a night in the world famous city of Prague, what more could you ask for!

As teams started rolling in to the exquisite 4* hotel in Prague, some had time to take a swim, sauna and visit the gym, while others got there in just enough time to go out on the town and meet up with the other teams for the final nights presentation.

The complimentary meal and presentation was held in a mediaeval style cellar restaurant in the centre of Prague, and was a great place for all the teams to get together for one last time to reminisce about their time on the rally, have a few cheeky “sherbets”, and plan their night out in the beautiful city of Prague. A big thank you also to the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant, it’s not easy to keep up with a restaurant full of hungry Motoscapers, and they pulled it off in style, we will see you again next year!

What a great night for everyone to get together, and well done to “Blue Waffle” for winning the Motoscape 2010 Push on to Prague Rally, and also the £100 daily prize from the challenges on Day 6 in Bled!

After the meal and presentation the teams hit the city for Prague to celebrate the end of an amazing experience, and one that many of the teams said they would love to do again next year.

Prague has something for everyone, whether you want to have a relaxing coffee in the old town, or go and watch a show involving midgets (so the “Tommy Coupe” guys told us anyway!), you really can’t find a better place to end our European Road Trip!

The 2010 Prague Rally was the best Motoscape Rally yet, due mainly to the fantastic mix of people, vast array of decorated bangers, and not forgetting the amazing variety of “brewskies” sampled in all the different countries visited!

A massive thank you to everyone who took part, we hope you all had a fantastic time and we hope to see you again next year!

Cheers boys and girls

Paul, Peter and Mark!

Push on to Prague 2010 Winners

So the Motoscape 2010 Push on to Prague Rally has come to an end! And I’m sure you all want to know who’s won?

Well we won’t keep you waiting, congratulations… Blue Waffle! Squadies Matthew, Deano and Oz walk away with the £700 cash prize as well as the £300 they won through the daily challenges. So the guys have raised £1000 for their charities, Help for Heroes and ABF – The Soldiers Charity through not to mention all the other fundraising their team (and the Smoke my Bandit team of Stu, Anneliese, Mark and Wildey) did prior to the rally. They even managed to get their car donated, so they can sell it when they get back and give the proceeds to the charities too!

It just goes to show that you can do something different to raise money for charity and have an amazing experience at the same time. Well done Blue Waffle, a team name none of us will ever forget!

Final Results for the Prague – Top 3:

1st Place: Blue Waffle
2nd Place: Team Sick Pigeon
3rd Place: Drive Through Bandits

Well Done to all the teams!!!