Day 3 – Koblenz to Feldkirch

After a big night at the beer and wine festival, the teams gathered for breakfast and the days briefing / challenges in the hotel reception. Today was the day to drive down the beautiful Rhine River (stop and have a bite to eat and admire the view), then onto the famous German Autobahns and into Austria and our destination for the night, Feldkirch, where Motoscape had arranged a traditional Austrian meal in the hotel, followed of course by the obligatory few shandy’s!

The journey from Koblenz to Feldkirch is around 325 miles and the journey enables most of the teams to stop off along the way, to admire the beautiful towns and castles… and complete the days challenges.

It was a great effort today by most of the teams in the challenges, especially the ones getting the best scenic photograph. Take a look at some of the photograph entries we received, you won’t see much see much better scenery than this anywhere in the world.

As usual between 5 and 7pm the teams started to drift into the excellent hotels in Feldkirch, but some of the cars struggled today (more on that in a bit) and therefore some got here quite late. A big congratulations to “Super-charged Mario Brothers Gti”, the winners for the day and they bag the £100 prize!

With the cars taking some hammer on the Autobahn, a few began to struggle and we had our first casualty of the rally. “Doggy Styles” Suzuki can go no further, but luckily the guys have European cover so they can carry on with the rally in a hire car. We’ll see how the other cars get on tomorrow after taking on the beast that is the Stelvio Pass!

Last night was a quite night for some to catch up on sleep, but that didn’t stop some of the guys carrying on their road trip in style! With an excellent meal in the hotels, a night on the town for Miss Money Penny from the “Moonraker” car and a few shenanigans in the car park which made in interesting spectacle on some of the cars, and got some dodgy looks from the local Austrians, it was another great night on a so far incredible rally.

Today was one of the longer days of driving, but it’s put everyone in a good position tomorrow to head to Rennon and master the Stelvio Pass! Find out how to teams got on tomorrow!

Day 2 – St Omer to Koblenz

Today was the first day of challenges on the rally, and all the teams met early in the car park for challenge and route guide. Congratulations to all the teams who came down in fancy dress and got the bonus points!

The journey from St Omer to Koblenz is around 300 miles depending which route you take, with many of teams stopping off at the famous Nürburgring. There’s nothing better than ripping a banger round one of the best race tracks available to the public. Where else can you buy a car for £250, decorate it, then take on the race track mixing with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis and all other racing cars… what an awesome experience!

Gerard from “Monza or Bust” also came across Sabine Schmitz (the lady who drove the Ford transit van round the Nürburgring on Top Gear). She thought the rally was a fantastic idea and enjoyed meeting some of the entrants and their banger creations. Check out some of the pics below:

Between 5 and 7pm the teams started to drift into the 4* hotel in Koblenz complete with the days completed challenge sheets. Great effort by all the teams and congratulations to “Blue Waffle”, the winners for the day and they bag the £100 prize! The cash prize for Best Decorated Banger goes to “Moonraker: Live and Let Drive”, one of the most innovative bangers ever, well done Simon and Peter.

Koblenz hosts a fantastic wine and beer festival and Sunday night was the finale of the festival, so guess where the majority of the Motoscapers were heading!

The wine festival is a fantastic mix of live bands, traditional German food and drink, nightclubs and true mix of high spirited Germans, who really know how to party! It gave the teams a great chance to get to know each other, so thanks to all the teams for making it a great day.

One of the guys from “Team Aerodynamic Smith”, truly got into the spirit of the festival drinking wine by the bottle instead of the by the glass!

The evening is further enhanced by what can only be described as an absolutely spectacular firework display. Similar to the Millennium firework display in the UK, the feedback from the teams was incredible. Check out the pics for an insight into a true party in Germany!

Despite one car with a dodgy battery (they were saved by the Irish boys, “Batten Bees”), everyone made it in one piece and will be raring to go to Austria.

One more thing before we leave for Feldkirch, we had a visit from the German motorway police (yes we thought they were stripograms too, but sadly not!) who came to check out the organisation and legality of the rally, and we passed with flying colours!

So all in all, a really eventful day, with 2 prize winners, zero Nürburgring casualties, all cars present and correct, a visit from the police and an amazing night at the festival made it an unforgettable day for everybody.

Day 1 – Journey to St Omer

Well what can we say. What an amazing start to the 2010 Motoscape Rally ,congratulations to all the teams for making a fantastic effort with cars and costumes. After the worst part of the journey  is over(driving through the UK!!!), a smooth ferry trip and a short drive to St Omer from Calais, ourselves and the teams gathered in the hotel car park for  team registrations

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was in high spirits, with some of the best  decorated bangers we  have ever seen, check them out below:

Some of the highlights ……….

All the bangers, especially the Green Maxi, Tommy Coupe’s hat  , the Moonraker rocket, MARMITES Lyrca costume, Cumbernauld’s Flux Capacitor and Chatney Racing’s VW Camper Van, are just a few of the potential winner of the “ BEST DECORATED BANGER COMPETITION”

Last night saw everyone go to the town square in St Omer for a bite to eat and  a few drinks (a few too many drinks for some teams!) It was a great night with all the teams getting to know each other, making a fantastic start to what’s going to be an awesome rally!  Roll on Koblenz!

Rally starts 4th September!

Hey everyone, thanks for following the blog over the last few months in preparation for the rally to begin.

The Rimini and Prague Motoscape Rallies start on the 4th September 2010, and we’re going to be updating the blog, our facebook page and our twitter page whenever we get chance to provide the latest update from the rally. Let all your friends and families know so they can follow your progress on the rally too!

With the rally just days away, here’s a quick checklist of things you need to bring with you for the rally:

  • Your passports
  • Driving Licenses for all those planning on driving
  • Insurance certificate to cover all those drivers
  • Valid test certificate
  • A sense of humour :)
  • Some spending money for the trip
  • A digital camera & computer lead
  • And most importantly of all, your team and your car!

Don’t forget, you can email us with any questions before the start of the rally, but we’re sure you’re all organised by now?

With the banter that’s been going on over on our Facebook page, we’re sure this is going to be the best rally ever, and we can’t wait to meet all the teams and their wonderful cars on Saturday in St Omer!

The Motoscape Team!